Diane Gottsman Make the most of your cruise… Is a week-long cruise vacation in your near future? Everything from rock climbing to surfing, live performances, tropical beverages, shopping and of course lots of dining options can make for a dream come true experience. Follow these tips to get you sailing along in the most mannerly fashion. Tips for Cruise Ship Etiquette: Remember, kids will be kids. If you are on a Disney cruise, expect a kid or two hundred to disrupt your quiet time. Keep in mind that you knowingly booked this lively cruise and wild and rowdy kids are part of the package. Dress appropriately for dinner. Cruise lines generally offer an alternative to the formal dinner where you can wear more casual clothing. Dress for a cruise, not a car wash.

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The creator did not provide an exact address. Getting tired of all the idiots out there on 2 wheels who don’t have a clue how to behave in public, or drive. I’ve had most of these common-sense rules violated in front of me the past week, I’m fed up.

Having been both a bartender and a server (I’m currently a combination of both), I can’t say one is necessarily better than the other. But, there are definitely pros and cons to weigh up on either side.

Originally Posted by LoveBoating As for me, I would never go out period, without my wife with me and she has feels the same way I do. But, then again, we are most likely much younger than you in our early 60’s. Did you think I was 80? I go out with my friends all the time. Mostly it’s a lunch date but some of my friends can’t get away for a lunch date and then we go out in the evening.

My husband has his own circle of friends too. He plays hockey and goes out for a drink afterwards on occasion. Sometimes he goes to sporting events with his friends as well.

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Hi, I thought you might like this article – [url]. Send Places Drinking in bars is an odd phenomenon. Drinks are spilled, punches get thrown and, occasionally, worse. Sometimes a bartender makes peace. Sometimes a toast is made. The history of bar behavior is tied up in a juncture unique to bars and the working life of bartenders:

Behind the Bar: Etiquette Contributed by Dale DeGroff Posted on Feb 16, On great nights, a bartender will delight you with well-mixed drinks, introduce you to new elixirs and, when called upon, entertain you with funny stories.

Bartenders and dating By Anastasia October 1, Updated: What is it about bartenders? That usually leaves them with a puzzled look on their face. What makes a person making your drinks more appealing than that waitress delivering your Grand Slam? Is it because we have control over that ever so important cocktail? Or could it be that bartenders tend to be more charismatic and outgoing? Whatever the case, if you do get past the crush and go on to date a bartender, there are a lot of things you have to take into consideration before you take the relationship plunge.

First of all, let it be known that there are bartenders out there that are in it to score with the opposite sex. Bartenders tend to be self-assured people. In time, they will let you know whether or not they want to see you on a romantic level. Also, keep in mind that there are a lot of bartenders that are out there to earn a living and do not use their position to score. Every time that person is behind the bar they are constantly subject to members of the opposite sex.

Flirting is an aspect of the job and a jealous person will never be comfortable with that. We are also a very social bunch.

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There oughta be a law. We all have our thresholds. There are unwritten conventions governing professional bar conduct.

Also stay away from places that have slow service. Right before I break up with someone in a bar, I think about all those movies and TV shows where a bartender protagonist has to step away to tend.

Feb 24, February 24th marks World Bartender Day, and you should be celebrating it. Bartenders do so much more than mix tasty drinks and pour cold beers. Here are some ways to show some appreciation on World Bartender Day: Give your bartender a shoutout. Bartenders thrive off returning customers. Their livelihood comes from whoever comes through the doors, after all.

12 signs you’re dating a bartender

In Living in USA by Kumar May 1, 45 Comments As international students or professionals we are used to our own culture and social behavior in our country. It can be a cultural shock for us when we come to America and see certain social behavior exhibited by people. Though we are from other countries, we should not misunderstand American people behavior or behave rude to anyone because they did something that we are not used to…I am not a psychologist or intercultural mediator, I will share my experiences what I think are common and what I felt were different from my home country.

There are two acceptable methods of using a fork and a knife, neither of which will be considered a breach of dining out etiquette. American style is a knife in the right hand and a .

Subscribe To This Site Tipping in Brazil Wages for many Brazilian service workers are low, and tipping in Brazil for several professions is customary and is always appreciated. However, the amount or percentage of the tip is far less than in the United States. The jobs for which tipping in Brazil is expected are similar to most other western countries and include: It is also proper etiquette to give small tips to taxi cab drivers, apartment doormen Porteros , beach vendors, and parking attendants.

Most waiters in Brazil are men who work at this profession full time to support their families. They tend to be quite professional, often wear starched white shirts with bow ties, and provide great service. At right, is a picture of our favorite waiter, ” Vava”, at Botequim do Itahy , grilling Churrasco at our table during a recent Rio de Janeiro vacation. If you have enjoyed the meal while on your Rio de Janeiro vacation, then feel free to add a bit more to the standard tip.

We feel good about doing this, as restaurants in Rio are usually much less expensive than in the USA and Europe and it leaves a good impression of the American and other international traveler. If you pay by credit card, it’s easy to drop a few extra Reais on the table as you leave the restaurant. Tipping a bartender after he makes your first Caiparinha will usually ensure you receive an even stronger drink for your second or third

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I know they can be testy, but they work better than almost any other corkscrew when the bottle has real cork. And practicing how to use it will give you an excuse to enjoy a few bottles of wine! One of the best parts about bartending is that you get to buy new clothes. Weirdly enough, bartenders are infamous for getting DUIs.

Also stay away from places that have slow service. Right before I break up with someone in a bar, I think about all those movies and TV shows where a bartender protagonist has to step away to tend.

Click to print Opens in new window You might imagine that dating a new woman will be a lot like starring in your very own girl-on-girl romantic comedy: Who could be better at seduction than a woman? I think we all have our own lesbian dating horror stories that we like to tell our friends as a warning of things to come. If we could just collectively raise the bar a little and invest as much in the art of dating as we do in the art of Facebooking, maybe lesbian courtship could be a brave new world.

If you want someone who can articulate their feelings like a big girl, just tell your date that. After all, a picnic in the park can be even sexier than maxing out your credit card at Momofuku. Lay down the cash where it matters most: DO NOT bring a date to a girl bar or a girl party. Your date does not need to meet your ex, or all your friends, the first few times you go out. Putting someone in a potentially socially awkward situation from the get-go is zero sexy.

Ask them to do a specific activity at a specific time and place. Preferably an activity that is reflective of something most people enjoy i. This means, as part of your preparation for the date, you may want to read a book , the newspaper , or cultivate a hobby. Are you creative enough to do some Googling to find an interesting restaurant followed by an out-of-the-box activity?

The Bartender’s Guide To Meeting Girls In Bars