Dagger with Zoomorphic Hilt, ca. Beginning with the 17th century, another form of dagger—the plug bayonet and later the socket bayonet —was used to convert muskets and other longarms into spears by mounting them on the barrel. They were periodically used for eating; the arm was also used for a variety of other tasks such as mending boots, house repairs and farm jobs. The final function of the dagger was as an obvious and ostentatious means of enhancing a man’s personal apparel, conforming to fashion which dictated that all men carried them. Combat knife 20th century daggers WW1 trench warfare caused daggers and fighting knives to come back in play. They also replaced the sabres worn by officers, which were too long and clumsy for trench warfare. They were worn with pride as a sign of having served front line duty. Daggers achieved public notoriety in the 20th century as ornamental uniform regalia during the Fascist dictatorships of Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany. The resurgence of these dress daggers and accoutrements in post-World War I Germany gave a much needed boost to the flagging fortunes of the metalworking center Solingen.

Vintage Pocket Knives and Folding Knives

On older Case knives, one shield style was predominantly used for several years. When knives were made to be carried, there was not a big demand for variety and it was easier to manufacture with a smaller variety. Today, you will find tons of different shapes and letter styles. You might find fancy 3D type shields, lettering directly inlaid or laser engraved onto the handles, and even carvings made into bone and other handle materials to make cool designs. You will find countless commemorative shields made for the likes of Elvis Presley, John Wayne, Johnny Cash and others.

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Case Pocket Knife Dating The case marked the first time that federal prosecutors have used the. Leave a comment or post your own. Case knife dating system. The Pocket Knife History By. This is also the case when it comes to dating and to getting the kind. A pocketknife is a foldable knife with one or more blades that fit inside the handle that.

The first peasant knives date to the pre-Roman era, but were not widely. Date First Available, September 14, Carhartt Knives by W. Case Sons Cutlery Co..

Victims of the Night of the Long Knives

Lamb ad features Australia’s ‘boat people’ Lamb ad features Australia’s ‘boat people’ An Australia Day lamb ad featuring Indigenous Australians whose beachside barbecue is interrupted by droves of people arriving by boat causes a stir. More videos Chilling Nauru documents revealed Workers on Nauru have been issued knives and instructions on how to cut down detainees who hang themselves.

Such is the regularity of suicide attempts by those held in Australian-funded immigration detention centres, where a host of former workers have reported post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological harm as a result of the horrors they witnessed. Many have sought compensation from the Commonwealth or firms contracted to provide detention centre services including Wilson Security and Broadspectrum.

W. R. Case & Sons of Bradford, Pennsylvania began making Case knives about Case filled an order for 81, knives for the United States Navy just before World War I and provided a custom survival knife for the astronauts on Gemini and Apollo space missions.

And on top of that, there are even more custom knife makers with small shops of their own. That can be a very difficult landscape to navigate for even the most seasoned everyday carry enthusiast. We are talking blades that will see regular daily use over an extended period of time. Perhaps, for you, that means opening cardboard boxes and clamshell packaging, maybe it means cutting up kindling for a campfire. The point is, each of these knives is intended to be used.

Most places do not look kindly on someone carrying around and using a large fixed-blade knife , so we have not included any on our list. This list may not be the most definitive breakdown of pocket folding knives on the market, but it is a collection of our favorite options available on the market today.

And for that they have earned both our undying respect and a spot on this list. Each of their folding knives is numerically ranked by size — No. This iteration, the No. For the price, you simply will not find a better knife. And, between their reliable Speedsafe assisted deployment system and working with famous knife designers like Les George and Ken Onion, many of them are quite notable. Although, none is perhaps as legendary as the Cryo. A collaboration with Rick Hinderer, the Cryo flipper knife sports the features of a blade at least double its cost — from a sturdy frame lock with lockbar stabilization, to a 4-way pocket clip, to a titanium carbo-nitride coated 2.

W.R. Case Knives | Pocket Multi Tools

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W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Company is an American manufacturer of traditional pocket knives, fixed blades/sporting knives, kitchen knives, limited edition commemoratives and company originated in Little Valley, New York, around the turn of the 20th century, before relocating to its current home, Bradford, Pennsylvania, in The company’s namesake, William Russell Case, first.

By the time the company moved to Pennsylvania in , the four Case brothers had established their brands. Knife handles are made of a variety of natural materials like Brazilian cattle bone, India stag, buffalo horn, ancient mammoth ivory, mother of pearl , exotic hardwoods and precious stones. Brass , nickel , and silver metals are used to make the knives’ other component parts.

Many people collect Case knives as a hobby. This practice arose from the unique tang stamp dating systems employed by the company beginning in the late 19th century. Today’s Case Collectors Club is made up of 18, members. Case knife patterns[ edit ] The list of Case knife patterns has remained fairly consistent throughout its history, although a number of new Case designs have been patented in recent years. Some of these include: The handle splits apart revealing a separate knife, fork, spoon and bottle opener.

Nauru detention centre guards carry special knives to save hanging asylum seekers

Knife Anatomy 12 Here’s the hidden tang knife, completed. You can see how the handle does not show any tang metal for a natural appearance, and the shape of the handle does not depend on the shape, angle, size, or position of the tang, so a full sculpting of the handle shape can occur. Note how the quillons and handle belly make this an attractive and comfortable handle.

Case also has done special shields for anniversary events and historical dates such as a shield made specific for the 10th anniversary of its Russlock knife pattern and special millennium shields to recognize the year

During the Purge itself official radio and newspaper reports only gave the names of 10 people killed: While the German newspapers avoided disclosing the names of further victims of the purge, in the weeks and months to follow, the international press would set out to detail a more comprehensive account of how many people had been killed between June 30 to July 2. They managed to present about names of people allegedly killed, although a number of those eventually turned out to have survived, such as the former SA chief of Berlin Wolf-Heinrich Graf von Helldorf who was actually one of the organizers of the purge – e.

Official list of those killed[ edit ] Immediately after the events of the purge the Gestapo compiled an official list of those killed at the order of Hitler himself who wished to gain an overall view on the number and identity of those killed in order to prepare the Reichstag speech in which he intended to present his interpretation of the occurrences of June 30 to July 2 to the German public and the world in general, and which he finally delivered on July This “Gestapo List” comprised a total of 77 names.

In his Reichstag speech Hitler sub-divided those into 61 persons who had been shot during “the action”; allegedly 13 had died resisting arrest while three committed suicide. However, the list of 77 was far from being complete: Hitler admitted that some excesses had taken place and stated that he had handed over the cases of several people who had been killed as part of unauthorized actions by subordinate organs to the authorities, who were supposed to implement a regular prosecution of the perpetrators.

Among those cases who were at first subject to regular investigation and prosecution by the locally responsible Attorney Offices were those of the city clerk Kuno Kamphausen who was murdered at the order of an SS officer who bore a grudge against him for refusing to give a construction permission to his brother and the cases of four Jews and two Communists who were killed without permission from Berlin in the course of arbitrary actions by lower SS echelons in the province of Silesia.

In September Heinrich Himmler —eager to shield his SS men from legal prosecution—managed to convince Hitler to change his mind on the latter six people, whose names as a consequence, were subsequently added to the official list whose killing was to be considered rightful and which now encompassed 83 names. The list of 77 or 83 names respectively was kept in several copies—which were stored under lock and key—in the Ministry of Justice and the Gestapo Headquarters.

The lists thus were used by the Ministry and the Gestapo as a referential tool which could be consulted to decide, whether requests of relatives and friends of those killed to be given information on the circumstances of death of their beloved ones, or requests to prosecute those responsible for their killing would be answered in the affirmative people killed and not mentioned on the Gestapo list or in the negative people whose names were to be found on the list. The same applied to requests of other state authorities especially police departments and Attorney Offices who inquired at the Ministry of Justice or the Gestapo headquarters whether they should open and or continue investigation of a specific killing that had taken place on the three days from June 30 to July 2.

Recent trends:

Continue this tutorial if you need to know how to determine the year of a Case knife. Be sure to check us out on Instagram for more. This video describes the different tang stamps used by Case Cutlery to date and code their knives. Here are a few useful Links to help further your knife collecting knowledge.

Clicking the left column in the table will tell you more about that era or year span.

Hunting Knife 8 – Y/Y sabre ground hunters This combination set consists of the Y/Y sabre ground hunters. Beautiful yellow Marblette handles are set off with brass and colored end washes.

Changes in blade steel, blade profile, blade serration, handle material, handle coating material and handle coating color resulted in a large number of knife variations. In the Mark II, with some design changes, was re-introduced and has since had some minor changes in markings and packaging. The categories can be accessed from the active buttons above. For each knife, one or more small thumbnail pictures are included. By clicking on the thumbnail, you can access a high-resolution picture of the knife.

I have tried to give an approximate serial number range for each knife. Note that these ranges are just a guide as often there are overlaps between knife types. I’ve also assigned an alphanumeric code to each of the knife types to aid collectors in describing a particular variation without resorting to a lengthy description. Listed below are over 50 Mark II knife variations, all that I am aware of: The surface was created by spraying molten stainless steel on the aluminum handle’s surface.

The molten steel droplets momentarily melted the aluminum and were imbedded in the handle. The aluminum quickly solidified, fusing the droplets on the handle surface.

Jay Fisher – World Class Knifemaker

This attitude has produced impressive results: Hunting, sporting and pocket knives with the PUMA emblem are among the beat of their kind in the world, and are known and sought after all over the globe. Johann Wilhelm Lauterjung had his first trade mark entered into the renowned Solingen Master Cutlers Guild register as long ago an , before the French Revolution and the invention of the steam engine. Using this trade mark a long and fruitful period of hard-working craftsmanship followed for the founder working together with his son, Johann Wilhelm Lauterjung , and grandson, Nathanael Lauterjung , in a cottage alongside the Wupper river.

Solingen’s craftsmen had very early learned to harness the water power of the Wupper to drive their grinding stones. In the Lauterjung workshop the first famous knives were, at that time, ground on heavy natural stones.

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Case X X Yellow Handle Trapper: A Superior Everyday Carry knife