OG started with an aggro-tri lane but the early game was relatively even. OG were squeaking by with successful team fights but Team Faceless were able to counter with great rotations and positioning. With everything on the line both teams were clearly giving it their all and back and forth they went. Once again he was the center of attention for OG, setting up fights, providing great escapes and becoming a menace for Team Faceless to deal with. Along with the army of illusions in cohoots with the illusions from TerrorBlade, Team Faceless was playing against the odds in the team fights. A great high ground defense from Team Faceless was able to only delay the inevitable. The team was unable to do enough damage to prevent OG from surging forward for too long and the Europeans overwhelmed the SEA team for the game and series. The quarter finals action continues between VGJ vs Virtus. One more team will be eliminated while one more team inches towards the grand finals.

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Another tournament, another writeup! TS4 took place in December , and was a lot of fun and went by entirely too quickly as as result. LaNm seems to grow, or evolve, with each event I see him at, and he just seems to be more and more comfortable with the camera, media, and whatever gets thrown at him. Kinda the veteran aura, I guess.

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International Dota 2 Teams — The Importance of Communication With the international eSports scene flourishing, the competition is consistently adapting new styles and compositions in an effort to outplay and outsmart their opponents. Due to this occurrence, one may often observe competitive players venturing to other regions in order to join forces with a foreign entity, equipped with a chance to redeem themselves and take another shot at the championship title.

Essentially, this mix and matching of various players from different regions offers a unique style as each individual brings their own knowledge and set of skills to the team; which can lead to game changing plays and compositions being produced, as each region typically has its own unique meta which is always developing and adapting based on what style has the highest success rate at the time.

In contrast to the former, there are also potentially negative implications of having an international team with individuals from a range of cultural backgrounds and various spoken languages. One of the domineering factors of this being that a MOBA, such as Dota 2, requires extremely precise co-ordination and communication as the game involves split-second decisions which can influence the entire course of the game.

Black had made a name for himself by now as one of the strongest and safest safe lane carries around, however due to issues with communication amongst the predominantly Chinese VG, Black was eventually released from the team indefinitely (confirmed by iceiceice reddit AMA).

Like previous TIs before it, it broke existing records for being the largest tournament in esports history. Once again, I had the unparalleled privilege of being behind the scenes and involved in many ways. In previous years it had been a combination of either moving from Westin Bellevue to Seattle after group stage, or simply shuttling teams from Bellevue to Seattle each day as was the case at TI3. The pros of this were that it was easier logistically, and it also seemed that more Info booklet for space was available at Westin Seattle as we took over practically three entire floors during the group stage.

The cons were that it seemed like most players I spoke to preferred Bellevue a little more — either due to closer proximity to what they deemed to be better shopping Bellevue Square, etc , or somewhat quieter surroundings. Running into BurNIng in the lobby, talking to rOtK late at night… but this was and as much as things felt the same all of a sudden, things would be different. July 23 Thurs Equipment set up day.

LaNm has spilled coffee on one of his keyboards, but Helen, I think, has manged to fix it with some canned air. How did you know?! Anyway, the EHOME team policy since then has been to room the member of the team least likely to be affected by a loss of sleep with YJ — and at TI that meant their poor team manager. The rest of the day went similarly, as teams got around their jetlag, became settled in their settings, and went for their scheduled equipment setup times.

In between, people ran around asking each other for scrims — I helped Newbee and a few other teams coordinate a couple times, but at the same time teams declining scrims were nearly as common as teams working to set them up.

Roster Changes

Liquipedia They say that the journey is worth more than the destination. It’s taken him across continents and has had him learn two different languages just to be able to get a little closer to his destination. Experience a little bit of it for yourselves as he explains what it has been like to get into competitive DotA and Dota 2. Pretty cold here tonight: Cold in china right now?

Alliance’s Bulldog on his mentality, his team and their difficulties.

We still Have plenty to improve on Iceiceice is undoubtedly one of the most colourful figures in Dota 2, and potentially the entire esports scene. First emerging as a rotating player for Scythe at TI1, he became one of the very few foreigners who made his mark in the cruelly competitive Chinese Dota universe. After three long years and coming breathtakingly close yet heartbreakingly distant to a championship at the Dota 2 Asia Championships in , he decided to come back to his native Lion City.

To find out how he has been doing since TI6, ImbaTV invited him to write to them and he duly delivered — we have the full translation of his piece below: At that point, I had already spent two years in China and felt tired. There were also some friends who wanted to join me in Singapore, but felt as though I wanted to play with friends in VG for a little while longer, so I decided to stay in China. After finishing TI6 with EHOME, I felt having played in a foreign country for three years in a row was indeed too tiring; spending all of my time in the suburbs of Shanghai is not all comfortable.

As a result, I went back to Southeast Asia to create Faceless with some friends. Our mid-lane player, Jabz , came to us after I tweeted that we needed a new mid and I felt he suited our need in every aspect, especially his age. I feel it is important for a team to have a young player, otherwise it can be easy for you to lose the drive to win games and the team would just be a stack of five friends. Singapore is a very different place than China because in terms of training, the quality you can get in China is higher.

Dota 2 Post-TI8 Roster Tracker

The main event will take place in the City Center of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on the 12th and 13th of November but qualifiers are expected to get underway later this month — September 19th th. He later joined Zenith and took sixth place at TI3. Zenith disbanded shortly after the conclusion of TI3 and iceiceice went to Team DK to complete their roster.

The German player joined mousesports in , attending TI2 with the organization and taking th place. The roster was dropped but Black was picked up again by the organization about one month later. Once again with mousesports he took a th place at TI3.

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Karty hráčů (Players Cards) – Vysvětlení

Inhouse Leagues the Future of the Scene Inhouse leagues have been a part of competitive gaming since its inception. Brood War, players competed on the ICCup ladder, which is still in existence today. During the days of Warcraft III Dota, both Garena and DotaCash offered popular league services, and many professionals today got their start in these leagues.

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Steam Friends

The International 6 was undoubtedly the highlight of the competitive year. Of course, this just aids the need to shuffle things up and see who could join who to make a new dream team. There are two time periods important to Valve and every Dota 2 professional team; the Drop time and the Add time. This means that, in order to provide Valve with the necessary information for the roster lock deadline on September 18th, teams shuffle around players, new allegiances are forged and others end.

The Drop period saw a huge number of teams release their entire roster this year. This by no means indicates a dissolution of a team.

Dota Plus Updated with Ranked Roles Matchmaking And More. Read more EG, VP and Secret Invited to ESL One Hamburg Read more Morelz to Replace Byali in Read more Fnatic Welcomes MP, iceiceice and Jabz. Read more EHOME Significantly Changed their Dota 2 Roster. Black^ Left

Dota 2 complicated story, but at the grand finals I opted to be a spectator rather than an organiser. At Defense of the Australians, I organised 1v1s to help those who wanted to simply hang out have something to do. What is your favourite Dota 2 moment? If you could do one thing professionally within gaming, what would it be? If you could do one thing professionally within gaming, it would be to advocate for women in eSports.

I want to reduce is it too much to try and stamp it out? Do unto others what you want others to do unto you. Stand up against toxicity. Please stop it and lets continue to enjoy the game. We are, ultimately, gamers. Do you have any other projects or groups you are affiliated with that you would like to give a shoutout to or promote?

Shoutout to my team Nevermore for being so awesome and supportive; and shoutout to Zumundi for being a great coach and for encouraging us to be positive-thinking always!

TI8 Starts Tomorrow; Here’s All You Need to Know About It

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What story should I write next? Poll What story should I write next? Juliet O’Hara is a college student working to become a private investigator. So when PI Carlton Lassiter offers her a summer job, which includes dealing with his assistants, Shawn and Gus, will she survive? Rose’s characters have perfect lives, so unlike her own. Her life is a mess of shady people, jerks and pressing family.

Maybe someone that none of her perfect characters would ever notice can teach her what life should be like. After all, they’re figments of her imagination, and Rose is real.

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According to the announcement, four players have taken their leave, including Wagamama. A longtime fixture of the Dota 2 community as a player, caster, analyst and personality, Wagamama has joined the compLexity Gaming’s stream team, as a streamer and The trio of SEA players were the founding members of the team formed for the Shanghai Major qualifiers.

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Matchmaking Episode 7 – Maelk with H4nn1 & Merlini