A collection of antique enamel silver cases coming up for auction on 10th January January is often a lean time in auction rooms with few goods around to service the high demands from collectors eager to get the year under way. Plymouth Auction Rooms are again bucking the trend by hosting a sale of lovely jewellery, rare and vintage watches and collectable silver. The evening sale on 10th January features several interesting silver collectables including a novelty pair of Edwardian silver and enamelled sugar nips in the The John Speed Map coming up for auction on 7th March John Speed is one of the best known names in the history of English cartography, producing his first map in and in “Prospect Of The Most Famous Parts Of The World” the first world atlas produced by an Englishman. Fine jewellery, rare clocks, precious hard stones and Chinese works of art attracted worldwide attention with a record amount of online bidders recorded at the sale. Paul Keen ‘we we’re overwhelmed with enquiries for the sale and were expecting some good results Bidders from as far as the middle east and the US competed for a remarkable 4 carat diamond ring that had been in the same Westcountry family for over fifty years. It was purchased in from Pellegrin Jewellers of Marseille, France.

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Small Cobridge bottle kiln vase mark Cobridge Stoneware Cobridge Stoneware was a short-lived pottery company born out of the fascination of the head of one of the leading potteries for a process that died with its inventor early in the twentieth century. Hugh Edwards, owner of Moorcroft , was keen to develop the ideas of William Howson Taylor – the man behind the closely guarded secrets of Ruskin Pottery. A new company and name was needed for the new range – Moorcroft is known and recognized universally by its distinctive appearance.

Mr. Moorcroft launched with his brother Philip after finding a void in the online dating space for dedicated Christians, back when he was single and searching.

Jannel Cruisers started business in in the tiny part that was left of Shobnall Basin. The Hines family reopened the basin and in created a dry dock on the line of the Bond End Canal. The original lock entrance walls can be seen at the entrance to the dry dock. Below is a short history by Harry Hines: Use of the river Trent, which runs through the town, had been tried since Roman times but the further inland, the smaller the boats that could be used.

The winter flooding and shallows in the summer proved insurmountable, however cargo could be carried from the sea as far south as Wilden Ferry, where the river Derwent joins the river Trent and increases the quantity of water, then onwards by road. Hops, grain and malt were also carried to Burton via the river Trent. In the early s, improvements were made between Wilden Ferry and Burton to increase the depth of navigable water. Cheese, ale and pottery moved downstream and iron and timber upstream to and from the wharves and warehouses built on the river Trent at Bond End, just south of Burton Abbey.

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In , when the designer Royal Hickman joined the company, a line of art pottery was developed that was known as Royal Haeger. These early pieces of pottery are highly coveted by collectors. Learn to identify the various Royal Haeger pottery pieces by doing some research and reaching out to other collectors.

Meissen porcelain marks. I have been meaning to do this for a while but I will add further information as more pieces come in – its a small informal pictorial guide to what is a real Meissen porcelain mark and what is a copy and will also illustrate how the mark changed over the centuries, I have added some dates to the illustrations but bare.

Subscribe for full access As a reaction to mass production, ‘art pottery’ enjoyed wide popularity at the end of the 19th century. Among the most successful and enduring was the Moorcroft pottery in Cobridge, Staffordshire. Unusual forms in otherwise commonly encountered patterns will command a premium. Within a year he was in charge of the company’s ornamental ware department and, by , the Art Nouveau-influenced Florian Ware that perfected the technique of trailing slip known as tube-lining had won him a gold medal at the St Louis International Exhibition.

Since , when the Moorcroft family bought out Liberty, the pottery has had a chequered ownership history but has continued to produce wares in the distinctive tube-lined style. Sally Tuffin now of Dennis Chinaworks produced designs for Moorcroft between and while in , year-old Rachel Bishop joined Moorcroft as only its fourth designer in almost a century. In a new Moorcroft Design Studio was established and employed several designers to extend the range of products.

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Moorcroft pottery soon made its mark on the world. Designs came from year-old William Moorcroft who personalised each piece of pottery produced with his own signature or initials. William marched his workforce across Cobridge Park to a new factory in Sandbach Road where Moorcroft pottery is still made today.

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We have stood many quality fairs up and down the country, gained a very strong knowledge of this English pottery, and are extremely proud of the reputation we have developed over the years with our customers. Our intention, as a Moorcroft Pottery Dealer in Retford, Nottinghamshire, is to provide a service to collectors and dealer alike, whereby all risks of your Moorcroft pottery purchases are removed.

We try to source the “Best Examples” of each design, rather than just any piece which comes to the market. It is hoped that you will enjoy browsing through the website and we look forward to hearing from you. If you dont see what you are looking for, please contact us, as we will endeavour to help you find that elusive piece.

If you are looking to sell, please dont hesitate to contact us. You will find, we will pay a higher price for fresh to the market pieces, than you would achieve had you taken them to auction. Personal cheques are also accepted. We are also happy for you to make monthly instalments. Worldwide delivery, please email for a quote. Dispatch of items is within 2 days of received payment and will be sent next day special delivery, will be tracked and require a signature.

The item must be in the same condition as received and within 14 days upon receipt.

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Pottery Porcelain Marks Crown: Marks showing crowns have been used since the early 18th century and are still in use today. As you go back towards the center of the tree. Many people inherit or find colorful dishes, and need to know whether or not it is actual Fiesta. In many instances, that red or blue plate might. Inscriptions and marks of varying types appeared on Chinese pottery and porcelain with dating, geographical and.

Various other marks, including those reflecting Walter Moorcroft’s direction of the company, were used from the late s until the business left the Moorcroft family’s control. One thing these have in common is that they are all impressed Moorcroft regardless of the other initials or accompanying marks.

Browse Categories With Pictures: William’s artistry and designs were quickly recognized for their quality and innovation. His first important design was the Aurelian Ware, part transfer and part hand painted. Very shortly thereafter, around the turn of the century, he developed his famous Florian Ware, with heavy slip, done in mostly blue and white. Since the early s there has been a succession of designs, most of them very characteristic of the company.

The s were good years for Moorcroft, partnering with a well known London store Liberty to offer its unique flambe glaze pottery to the eager public. In Queen Mary, who had been collecting his pottery, made him “Potter to the Queen,” and the pottery was so stamped up until

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Introduction In the history of Moorcroft Pottery two players emerge, that is William and his son Walter. The father William innovated Moorcroft pottery and his son carried on the tradition. It is generally agreed that the father was the great figure in this unfolding event. His innovation and quality is revered the world over. Born in Burslem, England in he studied in schools of craft and obtained his Art Masters Certificate in Here he produced the early works of Aurelian and went on to be the innovator of MacIntyre Ware.

I have a Moorcroft vase was wondering if my research on markings was correct and what the value would be I can send – Answered by a verified Antique Expert.

Watching the experts at antique roadshows or on auction house valuation days, you probably wonder just how they get so much information about a teacup, vase or a piece of silver simply by turning the item upside down. The name of the pottery manufacturer and an approximate date of manufacture can be discovered if the piece of pottery has a backstamp or the silver item has a hallmark. A mark that they have learned over many years spent researching and studying antique marks.

The company name itself only gives a rough timeline of when the company was known to operate. Silver hallmarks, pewter touch marks, signatures on bronzes, foundry marks and engraved signatures on glass can all help. Few collectors, buyers or sellers have the ability to memorise every mark, signature or number code used on antiques. Even the experts that deal in antiques for a living, still need good sources of reference.

Even without referring to a list of makers antique marks there are a few pointers that you can copy or commit to memory to help you date antiques. However, unfortunately most design registration marks are illegible The marks were often stamped irregularly into ceramics or metalware and printed on top of the glaze, and most have either not taken properly or have worn over time and are difficult to read.

This is probably why the kite mark was changed to a serial number in

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He moved to Loxton, South Australia at age 11 with his parents and four older siblings. Kerry, Kym, Rick and Joanne Modra grew up playing multiple sports notably football and soccer for Loxton, both of which he loved equally but solely played football from age 14 which most of his friends played. Early career[ edit ] Modra first played Under 19s for West Adelaide in but could not adjust to working and playing football in Adelaide.

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Below is a sampling of genuine Weller Pottery marks including dating information where available.

While there is no automatic premium attached to a piece bearing an early, middle or later mark, Arts and Crafts collectors like to know when a piece in their collection was made. Do keep in mind, however, that workmen did not ever imagine that we would be closely analyzing each of the shopmark punches stuck in a drawer. Unless broken, an early punch might not be thrown away, which explains why it is possible for a later piece to show up with a shopmark associated with an earlier period in their production.

Here, then, is a brief guide to their most common marks. More marks can be seen at www. Preliminary or Experimental Mark — Created in the first days of the Roycroft Copper Shop, this almost crude mark has only been found on almost crude rectangular trays and letter openers. If found on anything else, be suspicious, as it is most likely a fake. It is more likely that they made additional punches as they became busier, such as in with the huge Grove Park Inn commission totaling more than pieces of hardware and lighting fixtures.

For more variations, in addition to examples of fake marks, go to www.


The production of contemporary art pottery by Van Briggle as well as the fact that the company did not maintain great consistency in its bottom markings can make it difficult for novice Van Briggle collectors to determine accurate dates of production. With a basic knowledge of clay color and texture and bottom markings, approximate dating of Van Briggle Pottery can easily be determined.

Since the majority of collectors are interested in dating early examples of Van Briggle this discussion will focus on dating examples from the s and earlier. Van Briggle Pottery from to Van Briggle Pottery produced between and early was typically clearly dated. Marks typically seen on pottery from this time period usually include the logo, Van Briggle, date, shape number and a Roman numeral.

This is a beautiful example of a minature Moorcroft Pomegranate vase. Measuring inches in height and 2 inches from rim to rim. It has the impressed Moorcroft and England markings dating it .

Collecting Moorcroft Pottery Moorcroft Art Pottery as it was known, started to become popular at the end of the 19th Century. Before then, pottery was more for commercial usage. William Moorcroft, was born in Burslem Staffordshire, the son of Thomas Moorcroft china painter and designer at E. D Bodley’s Hill Pottery. After studying at a number of other institutes including the British Museum, he gained his Art Masters Certificate in Although this would have given him a good career as an art master his heart was in becoming a practical potter and so joined as an assistant designer at the James Macintyre Company in Burslem.

From this descion stemmed all his future success. Although Macintyres was known chiefly as a manufacturer of commercial pottery and porcelain, they did have an art pottery dept run by the head designer, Henry Barnard formerly a ceramic artist at Doultons Lambeth pottery. It was said that he was the person who introduced tube lining, or slip trailing as it was sometimes called, into the potteries.

This William Moorcroft used with considerable success and when Bernard left to join Wedgwood, Moorcroft was invited to take his place of the Ornamental Ware Dept. The first range of strip trailed pottery he produced was called Florian Ware, registered in This was based mainly on flower forms and here W. Moorcroft introduced his own form of tube lining technique. Taking responsibility for all aspects of production and firing.

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